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All personal information sent to DEVICEBUYERS.COM
via electronic mail, phone orders or social media like email addresses, phone numbers, addresses, names and PayPal emails, iCloud Email and password will not be shared with any other companies. Your information is only for our own internal use. We do not share or sell your information to anyone. Passwords and Personal Information Please erase all the data from your devices(s) before sending them in. We guarantee we are to remove all data from your device(s) once we receive them, the process slows down the initial transaction when a Gadget Inspector spends time erasing personal data. If we cannot erase all data we will notify you and return the device back to you. Once data is erased it cannot be recovered, if you have pictures or important phone numbers save them on another device before shipping your device(s). Please remove any SIM cards also as these may contain sensitive information and we do not need them. DEVIECEBUYERS.COM is not responsible for any lost information.

1.1 PROPERLY summit your information into our DEVICEBUYERS.COM form with your address which allows us to automatically create a shipping label for you!

1.2 SHIP YOUR DEVICE WITHIN 5 DAYS from receiving a quote. We adjust the price of phones monthly so please ship your phone out within 5 days of
Receiving the offer to assure you will receive your quote. If you cannot do this please
email us to let us know when you can ship as soon as possible.

1.3 ELIGIBLE DEVICES DEVICEBUYERS.COM strives to provide a quote on each Product you
may wish to sell, donate or recycle, DEVICEBUYERS.COM determines, in its sole discretion, which Products are eligible for purchase, donation and/or recycling by or through the DEVICEBUYERS.COM Services and for which eligible Products DEVICEBUYERS.COM will provide a quote.

DEVICEBUYERS.COM may terminate the eligibility of certain Products at any time and
without advanced notice, but such termination will not affect any Products for which you
have already accepted a quote.

(Tampering with mail is a federal offense. If you provide fraudulent information DEVICEBUYERS.COM reserves the right to terminate the transaction and contact proper authorities.)


All quotes will be based on DEVICEBUYERS.COM own determination of the Product value in reliance on the accuracy of the information you supply us. DEVICEBUYERS.COM will use its discretion to determine the Product value weighing factors that may include the Product’s model, functionality and condition. Upon receiving a quote, you accept that price and the possibility of a deduction based on condition. If you misquoted your device and it arrives broken, you accept the broken device price. If the device arrives to our facility DOA (Dead On Arrival) price will be adjusted to broken price and an email will be sent immediately.


DEVICEBUYERS.COM uses three (5) Product Condition definitions are subject to change at DEVICEBUYERS.COM Discretion:


The device MUST still POWER ON, if the device does not power on we cannot buy it.
If you are uncertain about your Product’s condition, please email us by contacting DEVICEBUYERS.COM customer care at SALES@DEVICEBUYERS.COM. As a general rule most cell phones fall into the AVERAGE category.

Please be as accurate as possible when describing the devices you are selling. Our
Gadget inspectors are very good at fixing, repairing, refurbishing and taking apart most
mobile devices. If we determine a phone has water damage on the inside or on the
battery we will adjust the price accordingly and notify you. If your device is still tied to an
account and cannot be reactivated then your offer price for that phone may be lowered.

Most orders received before 3:00PM will be processed the same day, provided the product ordered was quoted properly. Most orders received after 3:00PM will be processed the next business day. Orders are not processed or shipped on Saturday or Sunday.

We cannot guarantee when your device will arrive. Please keep track of all UPS &
USPS tracking numbers

We encourage you to place your order and deliver your item(s) in a timely fashion to avoid delays caused by shipping or device inspection.


When packaging your device(s), be sure to include all materials included in your description when we calculated your quote, as well as any other materials that came with your Product. This may include software, accessories, adapters, and manuals. Failure to include any items you told us about when the quote was calculated, or sending us a Product which does not match your original description, may impact the final value of your Product
and may result in a recalculated quote. We do not deduct for not having accessories, but adding accessories may increase your quote.

DEVICEBUYERS.COM is not responsible for any lost or missing packages
that do not arrive to our facility. As a valued customer DEVICEBUYERS.COM will provide clients with the proper channels to troubleshoot lost items but in no way is DEVICEBUYERS.COM responsible for devices that have not been signed
for by one of our staff members. Please advise your local UPS office for more information before shipping device. Returns Devices that are requested to be mailed
back will automatically close/freeze the transaction, in the event that a check was sent before the device was requested to be mailed back, the customer must mail the original payment to DEVICEBUYERS.COM before there device can be processed and shipped out.
These cases are handled by circumstance and are under DEVICEBUYERS.COM discretion. If you request your device back, please provide us with a shipping label via EMAIL to sales@devicebuyers.com. This may take up to 4 Business days to be processed. Based on the volume of devices we receive and process daily, DEVICEBUYERS.COM does not guaranty that you will get back any accessories that were sent with your device (charger, case, usb cable, device docks, ETC).

IMPORTANT ios7 or better: Please wipe your phone and remove your iCloud password lock.  If you are selling an iPhone and it has ios 7 or better and has an iCloud password lock on it, we will need to get your login and password in order to wipe your phone and its contents.  We cannot make payment until this is complete.

For any questions please email sales@devicebuyers.com